Things to Do


Fraser Island's famous 75-Five Mile Beach is right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world.

Surf gutters along the ocean beaches provide all-season angling. Whiting and bream are plentiful in the gutters in warmer months and swallowtail can be caught all year round.

The tailor season in winter sees dozens of fishing groups along the beach. All the usual rock species can be caught off the headlands from Indian Head to Waddy Point.

Trailer boats can be launched in the calm water behind Indian Head and Waddy Point.

Off shore, both northern coral and southern reef species can be found.


Fraser Island is strictly four-wheel-driving territory. Seventy-Five Mile Beach is an actual highway that runs up the surf side of the island. Four-wheel-drives share the highway with Air Fraser planes making joy flights. Sand tracks cross the island linking lakes and rainforests.

Driving conditions vary with weather and tides. Speed limits are 35kmh on inland roads and 80kmh on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach. Normal road rules apply. Carry essential spares as well as a towrope, spade, water and first aid kit.

Vehicle access permits are required for all vehicles entering the island. Permits may be obtained from River Head Barge landing, at Kingfisher Bay Resort reception and at Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service offices including Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Rainbow Beach.